Self-referral Services

Self-referral services allow patients to be referred themselves for a particular service (without a need of a Doctor). These services are for 18years and over- unless indicated.

Local Chemist Support

Pharmacy First

The NHS Pharmacy First scheme allows your local pharmacy to provide you a walk in appointment (where available) and give you any necessary prescription to treat common 7 conditions:

*Uncomplicated- excludes pregnant individuals, urinary catheters, recurrent UTI (2 episodes in last 6 months, or 3 episodes in last 12 months)

Your GP practice can also refer you to get a Pharmacy First Consultation Appointment.

The pharmacy consultation notes will then be sent to your practice to add to your records.

Full details of all 7 pharmacy clinical pathways are available to view here

Your pharmacy also offers:

  • Smoking cessation support
  • Travel clinic

Social Prescriber

Self referral link– They are the experts to know what support is available to you in Barnet.

Offers addiction support, anxiety and depression support, benefit support, bereavement support, cancer support, carer support, counselling, Covid-19 support, debt support, dementia support, diet and nutrition support, disability support, domestic violence support, education and information, emotional wellbeing support, employment support, falls support, financial advice, food support, housing information, learning disability support, loneliness support, isolation support, mobility aid support, parental support, physical exercise, refugee and asylum seeker advice and welfare support

Wellbeing support

Barnet Wellbeing Service (Provided by Community Wellbeing Barnet)

Barnet Wellbeing Hub (Provided by Meridian Wellbeing Barnet)

Support for ethnic minorities in Barnet (Multilingual Wellbeing Barnet)

Mental health support

Counselling / Psychotherapy (IAPT) Self referral link

Online self help support platforms (while waiting). Can help you identify with your symptoms and consider approaches to help you recognise and overcome them.


Good thinking


Foundation for positive mental health

Mood booster programme with online support- Barnet


Silver Cloud App

YSANDS – Emotional support for still birth and neonatal death

Youth support- mental health

Young Persons Consultation service Tavistock (16- 25years old)

Canada Villa Young peoples centre (0-19yrs old) Youth Support counselling

Rephael House (4-24yrs old) Youth Support counselling

Centre point (16-25year old) at risk of homelessness / homeless / sofa surfing

Kooth (11-26yrs) Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people.

Mental Health Crisis

0800 151 0023 If you are worried about acting on suicidal thoughts- The Crisis team can support you. (Based at First Floor, Dennis Scott Unit, Edgware Community Hospital, Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, HA8 0AD)

The StayAlive app is a suicide prevention resource for the UK. It’s full of useful information to help you stay safe.

You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else who may have suicidal ideas.

The app has many life-saving features including: strategies for staying safe/ how to help a person thinking about suicide/ access to local and national support

Self help mental health book titles

StressAnxietyLow moodBereavementTrauma

Homeless support


Homeless action in Barnet

Barnet Homes

Back pain

Our First Contact Practitioner specialises in back pains and is available at the surgery for face to face assessment (by appointment only). You do not need to see or speak to a Doctor to book in to see them. Our reception team can book you straight in- to the next available appointment.

Health and Lifestyle

Better Health

Xplore (age7-13) Healthy eating and exercise

Preventing Diabetes

Health visitor


0800 246 5745
[email protected]

Focus on families with children 0-19 years to promote healthy lifestyles, detect illness at an early stage and support and advise families with identified health needs.

Family Nurse Partnership (FNP)

Support for under 20’s expecting their first baby (mums and dads)

Parental support for the unwell/ recovering children

Healthier Together (or download the App)

If you are worried about your child, Healthier Together can guide you about your child’s concern


National Sleep Helpline


Learning difficulties/ disability support

Autism- Free adult assessment service

Advice, information and support for parent carers

Support and events


Podiatry Self referral form

Diabetic emergency foot clinic; Walk-in foot clinic for diabetic patients at Royal Free Hospital, located in A+E (9-4pm M-F, 9-11.30am S-S). This emergency clinic is for diabetic patients presenting with foot infection/ new ulceration/ cuts/ sudden foot pain).


Pregnancy self referral for antenatal care

The nearest hospitals to consider are: Royal Free / Barnet / Chase Farm HospitalsWhittington HospitalUniversity College Hospital

Please inform the surgery you are pregnant as we may need to urgently review any medication you are on.

Sexual Health

Sexual health support in Barnet includes contraception, infection screen, psychosexual counselling

Tropical Diseases

University college Topical Diseases self-referral