Test Results

Was your test requested by the practice?

Non-urgent advice: Yes

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If you are not currently registered for online access you may wish to register as it will allow you to view your test results online.

Please note, we request that you do not assume that a result is normal if we do not contact you. The surgery will contact you if there is a significant problem with your results, but please contact us for all results as the GP may have made some suggestions or advice based on your results even if there is not a significant problem.

Non-urgent advice: No

Please contact the provider where you had your test

Barnet Hospital
Wellhouse Lane

Website: www.royalfree.nhs.uk
Tel: 020 8216 4600

Edgware Community Hospital
Burnt Oak Broadway

Website: www.nhs.uk
Tel: 020 8952 2381

Finchley Memorial Hospital
Granville Road
Greater London
N12 0JE

Website: www.nhs.uk
Tel: 020 8349 7500

Alternatively you can contact the ward or department where you had your test directly.

Laboratory & X-Ray Results

It is your test. You are entitled to a result. Please make sure that you find out results of any tests you have. Please be aware that results will only be given if the doctor has reviewed them first. All NHS tests will take place at Finchley Memorial Hospital, Barnet General Hospital or Edgware Community Hospital. Their X-Ray and Ultrasound reports may take up to two weeks to be sent back to The Speedwell Practice most blood test results are made available in one week. (Some special tests may take longer).

Please note that if you do have your blood tests at another hospital such as The Royal Free or ULCH we will not be able to receive your results electronically so therefore the results may take longer to reach us and will not be available to view on Patient Access. 

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Please phone for results after 10.30am. If you telephone for results before 10.30am you will be asked to ring back.

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