If you are in need of a referral either to the NHS or Private Sector, please make a pre-booked appointment.

NHS Referrals

If your GP has referred you for further health advice or treatment. NHS Barnet’s referral centre will assess or process your referral. If you have not heard about your referral within four weeks, please contact: 

NHS Barnet’s referral centre:

Tel: 020 8865 2040

Maternity Self-Referral

You no longer need an appointment with your GP to be referred for Antenatal Services. Please click on the link below to self refer:

Barnet Let’s Talk (IAPT)

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service (IAPT) is a confidential NHS service providing easy access to psychological therapies for people experiencing depression and anxiety. To make a referral online, please ask reception.

Private Referrals

Please note any private referrals dictated in your consultation by the Doctor can take up to one week to be typed before they are ready for collection. You can arrange an appointment to see your private consultant before you have received your referral letter.

Conversion of NHS to Private 

To convert NHS referrals to Private referrals, please contact reception who will inform the secretaries. Please note:
1. The letter will take up to 3 days to generate and you will need to collect it from reception.
2. For insurance purposes, you can still see the consultant without the referral letter and be covered by your insurance company as long as you forward the letter once generated to the consultant. Please see the chart below that shows how NHS referral is processed.

What Happens When I am Referred by my GP