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If you hand in the right (white) side of your prescription with the printed items you require ticked and NO extras, to reception, we will have your new prescription ready in three working days. 

There is a 7 day processing time for any of the following:

  • Handing in anything else apart from your printed list
  • If you want something different to your usual medications
  • If you want us to consider giving you a new medication from an NHS or Private Hospital Prescription

Your prescription should be available after 3 working days notice, providing you have enough authorised repeats left for all the items you require. To avoid delay, always ask your GP to review and re-authorise your repeat medicines when you see her/him. If you have used all the repeat issues for a drug a doctor will need to review your records for safety reasons before authorizing any more and may ask you to have tests or have an appointment first.  

With important drugs they may authorise one repeat to give you enough time for this. If the medicine you want is not on your current repeat list, the GP will need to consider your request. It may be declined and you need to allow 7 working days for a decision. The ScriptSwitch system provided by the Barnet Prescribing Support team advises us to make alterations to provide the most cost-effective medicines, which may have a different name. Please ask your pharmacist or GP if you have any questions. Updated July 2013. You can use the form below for these medications.

For any other queries please arrange a telephone consultation with a doctor.

For more Information, please read ‘Repeat Prescriptions’ page.

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

If you need to send us an attachment regarding your prescription request please email us directly at [email protected] stating your name, date of birth, address, telephone number, the items you require and the attachment.   

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